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Sunday, October 23, 2011

a velvet persuasion

visiting lil sis this weekend was eye-opening!  who knew her little 2-bedroom townhouse held the masses of treasures that it did to fill a significant portion of the new home!!!

we had a combined Happy Birthday Chris party with a housewarming on Saturday night - and with my mom and aunt unpacking and arranging all week, together with Bernie and Deb's handiness around the house - it looked amazing!

even though they have some great amazing furniture  - jeff and cover are still searching for a few key pieces to fit in with their new decor.  I am trying to convince Cover to get a tufted velvet chaise or settee for the sitting space in their bedroom, or for a sitting area in their massive office.  As much as I'm a huge fan of greige - some color is needed...

the original inspiration, from Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home:

here are some other inspirations:

my good friend Allison's house

oh my I love this one and was extremely sad to find that the $495 pricetag was for a rental... at Bridge Furniture and Props

I'll be on the search for some pillows for myself in the meantime...
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