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Monday, October 12, 2009


About two weeks after moving in we started to get price quotes for a painter. One of the painters initially looked at the hallway paint job and was flabbergasted at how bad it was, especially on the ceiling. We kindof forgot about it - and didn't think about it again until the painter actually was going to start. We looked up, and what do you know but the 'bad paint job' was now obviously black MOLD growing on the paint! Yuk! I swiped my finger on it, and what do you know, it came off! Multiple opinions later from air conditioner people and handymen, and we found the culprit: the attic/ceiling fan! While very retro and theoretically an awesome way to cool the house if our windows weren't painted shut, this bad boy was contributing to much moisture in the hall and the resultant mold!! Jimmy got all handyman on me and got some insulation for up in the attic. Crisis averted. And now as you see - no MOLD!!! woohoo. We also got some special mold-prevention paint for this room.
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Thankfully - we were able to rig the deck without major work done, and we added a beautiful doggie-door that Piper just loves running through!!

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