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Monday, June 27, 2011

a few little fleurs for you

can you believe i got these at a grocery for just $4.50??  i love love love them and hope they never die.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

mmmm... books

it's no big secret that a stack of good books will perk up a lonely corner or table.  but i really can't pretend to give any sort of design tips as i would really just be subliminally echoing someone else or some other blog i've read in the past.

but of late my already-present book-obsession has taken too a new height.  forget kindles!  phooey! who wants all electronic when you could actually see all the books you've read and reminisce??  or just use them to displace your husband's piles and piles of ugly books...

all my little piles scattered around the house.  i just hate that i've only actually read about half of these books!

now.. as you can see, my husband has almost completely taken over our all-too-functional bookshelves in the office! wow, yes, that is a model of a pelvis up top on display.  he was soooo proud the day he brought that home.

as you may have seen in the previous post - i just went to hotlanta to stay with mary and norah (two adorable sisters who live together and have the cutest apartment!) and visit with angie and drew too...  well norah and mary share the reading obsession with me... see on Goodreads... but norah has taken it to an all new level.  piles and piles of amazon finds below!  constant goodreads updates!  great recommendations!

so in spirit, i bought three new ones myself on amazon the other day - two of the three in hardback to look nice on the shelves i hope to completely take back over one day!  see all my new good ones--  soon to add to the collection: The Book Thief - sure to be a hit

Saturday, June 18, 2011


traveled to Hotlanta to stay with my girls Angela and Mary and while there see Chelsea Handler... (a 'sick' cancellation - very disappointed in her); and happened to be the weekend of Scott's!

 Angela, Mary, *new fiance Drew!*, and myself

had never been before but I racked up - i even secretly went again on my way back to Birmingham on Sunday...

new lamp!

new flower vase!

ahhh! I finally found a fabulous chair to replace my old blue one!
from the trees now blooming in our yard

a little knickknack for the table!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the craft den...

Only now am I actually realizing the benefit of the craft den.  Yes, it has been almost a whole year since it's been finished...

I am so much more likely to actually paint if I don't have to clean up after every 20 minute session!

I'll post photos of the finished products if they begin to resemble something painted by a grownup versus a fifth-grader....
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