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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


If I get murdered today and my body shows up somewhere despicable, it was the gutter cleaner.... I somehow always fall prey to those poor souls who are so desperate as to walk door to door looking for handywork jobs. Somehow they always seem to put an ad on my mailbox or door just when I am really ready to give up and pay someone, anyone, to do it for me. And both times I have actually called these people (before was a painter), they seem bitter and defensive and actually act like they are being put out by my requests for simple things. I smartly didn't choose that painter from back in July... but today I fell for the gutter cleaner's ploy. I should have known when I called the cell given on the slip of paper, and when he answered all pissy and asked 'who was calling' in a very pissy way... I should have known when he asked if, instead of a check, he could follow me to an ATM afterwards so he could get cash...(I declined, I'm no fool.) He told me that part of the job was that he'd blow off all the gradu from the walkways/deck etc. when he was done. However, as you can see....off he goes without so much as a puff on my poor back deck that I spent all Saturday sweeping! So I see him drive off. Crazy demanding me actually gives him a couple of minutes to see if maybe he just needed to get gas or something. I finally call and he is totally caught off guard that I would want it blown off, and acts like he will do me some big favor by coming back to finish his job. That I paid him $88 for! yuk. No wonder he is laid off from his 'software job' he had before... [I don't want to spread hate, but seriously if something happens to me his business card is taped up inside our cabinet door, tell the popo.]
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