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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

table skirt

Some time and supplies from King Cotton and Hobby Lobby and I now have a table skirt to hide my junk! 

I modeled the construction after the curtains hanging in our kitchen.

First I ironed the fabric so I could hem the sides (double turn under).

Then I took the top tab and made a wider hem, ironing first.

I gathered the top hem about every 5" or so into this "double bunch", spacing between each bunch was about 5", and each bunch was a total width of about 4" (but could have been done with about 3").

A single row of vertical stitching holds the bunching together, and a single horizontal thick stitch helps.

Now the curtain hooks fit right in.

and a cute husband who likes to use powertools to help you fix your curtain rods.... voila!

{notice my new rug from West Elm, seen here, also in la casa of a good friend, Ashley}

Friday, October 8, 2010


Finally I uprooted the very very dead baby boxwood from our urn.  A little autumn fever came with the cooler weather this week.  I mixed my flowers and {still alive!} sweet potato vine with an amazing gray pumpkin (hubbard squash - who knew?!) to keep with my inner mojo.

Finally- my favorite season!!
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