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Thursday, September 16, 2010


As you know - coined by my new blog friend and long-lost cousin, Flo, I am a "gray lady."  I do love all things gray and any permutation of the color.

So what is this new catalog that has hit my mailbox??

First of all, the cover instantly has me drooling, with a little reminiscence of my beautiful mother on her honeymoon with an equally amazing donkey:

doesn't my dad look so young and tan??!??

I think I may have to buy something from Serena & Lily just to say I have.

more pillows?

new fabric??

that office chair?

updates are in our future.  of course.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

trip down memory lane

I'm back at it.... as Sewing Sally.  It has been over a year and I definitely had to go back to the helpful website for seamstresses who love Singers....

I even ran to Hobby Lobby today to buy myself one of those wrist-pin-cushion thingies!

Now only if I could hem a straight line....  hmmm .. more to come with picture updates of my table curtains!  At least this year I have a much prettier and spacious workspace!
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