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Thursday, February 16, 2012


so there is NO room for anything else in this nursery without it looking ridonculous.  But I'd hate to not have anywhere to put some books, pictures, maybe one or two tchotchkes....

options obviously include the single flat white wooden shelves that you can put up individually... but I came across these at Ikea last weekend during my shopping trip with Mom and Aunt CoCo (Cover!)

You can find them here:  Ikea Billy Shelf

what do you think??? too busy?? I'm looking for a "built-in bookshelf" feel.  maybe above the daybed (shown below with the sad little crib mattress in place before I got the twin)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

glider time

is something wrong with me ?!?- i want a glider very different from the usual milieu you typically will find on pinterest, projectnursery.com, etc.!

While I love these below - I'm looking for a functional one with a sleek and sheek edge

I also really covet these looks below but once I sat in an actual glider and swiveled around I realized that regardless what Quatro will think of it.. I personally want one!

An inspiration chair from Rowe Furniture at AtHome in Homewood:

the one I've fallen for!

The Larkin Swivel Glider from Ballard Designs!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

nursery as was....

Here is the 3rd bedroom in our house.  As it was.... This room was definitely on the backburner as it just held all of our extra stuff that didn't really go in the rest of the house.  And I also knew it would get redone eventually anyway if we were lucky enough to have a need for a nursery!

When we moved in we had it painted with Raccoon Hollow from Benjamin Moore - which I loved but definitely didn't give off that light airy feel I wanted for the nursery.  Sooooo... I switched . again. !   To Vapor Trails by Benjamin Moore (I LOVE LOVE IT).

Below I have my posterboard painted with Vapor Trails next to the curtains and the most likely winner of the bedding race (Bella Notte linens in the color Pebble).

This room is PERFECT in that it gets the best light and has the best view of our great backyard.   I will enjoy gliding away in my glider (which I have yet to decide on) in a few short months!

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