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Friday, February 12, 2010


My adorable sister got me the BEST wedding present..... A custom painted piece of art from a good Pensacola friend of ours, Sarah Soule Webb! I adore it, she did a photo from our honeymoon-- a picture of the Duomo in Florence Italy (see my pictures below from the same vantage point!) I most likely will get a dark rustic wood frame, but thought I'd tease around with the idea of a lighter wood frame... what do you think??? Here are both below.
Lighter frame:
Darker frame:
What do you think? This is our front door 'foyer', very small but you can see the painting when you are sitting in our living room.


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Thankfully - we were able to rig the deck without major work done, and we added a beautiful doggie-door that Piper just loves running through!!

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