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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

table skirt

Some time and supplies from King Cotton and Hobby Lobby and I now have a table skirt to hide my junk! 

I modeled the construction after the curtains hanging in our kitchen.

First I ironed the fabric so I could hem the sides (double turn under).

Then I took the top tab and made a wider hem, ironing first.

I gathered the top hem about every 5" or so into this "double bunch", spacing between each bunch was about 5", and each bunch was a total width of about 4" (but could have been done with about 3").

A single row of vertical stitching holds the bunching together, and a single horizontal thick stitch helps.

Now the curtain hooks fit right in.

and a cute husband who likes to use powertools to help you fix your curtain rods.... voila!

{notice my new rug from West Elm, seen here, also in la casa of a good friend, Ashley}


  1. I love your table skirt. I too am working on my sewing. Recently, I just finished making curtains for my Living and Dining rooms.

    I stumbled upon your blog through Southern Hospitality, where you said your grandmother was from Boligee. I also could not help but notice that your other blog is titled Bouchelle. I would assume that you are a Bouchelle descendant. I am too. I grew up in Eutaw, but my great-great-grandmother was a Bouchelle.

  2. Oh I'd love to see your curtains!! What a small world - who was your gr-gr-grandmother? I'm not great with the family tree but my mom and aunt would love to know! We are in Boligee almost every weekend hunting this time of year!

  3. Send me an email at banks035@crimson.ua.edu

    I would love to send you pictures when I get them hung up. Currently they are laying on a guest room bed, awaiting me to find time to hand the rods and do the final hemming.


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