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Sunday, August 21, 2011

home improvement anxiety

Last weekend I spend 20+ hours between Friday night and Sunday night doing a little DIY weekend... self torture intended initially to encourage and inspire Jimmy to start volunteering to be so proactive as to want to help strip paint. 

it ended up involving wayyyy too much solo time (he got stuck at work conveniently) looking straight up while I fixed cracks, primed, and painted a ceiling, + 3 rooms-worth of flaking paint removal and trim painting, + a staircase update.  what in the world was I thinking, and was it my mother, or maybe my mother-in-law, that I thought I needed to impress?  "were are you going to find your charm without a little crack here and there?" should've been my mantra and I could've avoided all the nonsense.

yes, that is the edge of a moustache left over from our awesome Mexifest stuck on the fridge.  i can't part with it

On to the meat of the subject: our staircase to the basement, which can seem quite daunting..that is, until we added our sick rumble strips!  {grrrrrrr!}  Jimmy's taken measurements for new handrails on either side too.

Piper was more than a little anxious about the new black enemy invaders on her steps though, and each trip to the basement now requires our coaxing from the bottom of the stairs! ha.

 obviously i never obtain tremendous amounts of entertainment from my neurotic 75 pound canine.  i'm not laughing at your five-minute descent into the wonderful world of the basement, Piper, i'm just not that cruel.

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  1. Way to go Piper! So proud of you for conquering your fears!


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