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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jinx city

ok biggest Jinx of all, i am going to post about a home that we haven't even put an offer on yet... nonetheless closed on! here is my plan of attack for things to do once/if the magic does occur... Things to do before move-in or right after: - doggie door downstairs - paint the inside of the house - set up ADT!! - get microwave - set up cable/internet - find a lawn service Things I could plan to do if I still have motivation after intern year starts: - get a curtain made for the kitchen window - get a little table for the kitchen - make some headboards! - get a flagpole apparatus - figure out something to do with that tiny bathroom - paint the downstairs small room - get a great rug for downstairs that I wouldn't mind walking on barefoot - make a game-plan with Aunt Anne for the yard - paint the exterior of the home Things to do if we want to invest in the house: - granite countertops - tile backsplash - add crown molding where it doesn't already exist - add heat/AC to basement - finish dry-wall the basement, according to the code so we could count it as live-able space - add bathroom into the little basement room - re-concrete the driveway


  1. I am already hooked. I cannot wait to hear if you get the house. Have you put an offer in now?

  2. yes! we settled on a price, and now it is mortgage and inspection time!! wish us luck!


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Thankfully - we were able to rig the deck without major work done, and we added a beautiful doggie-door that Piper just loves running through!!

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