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Friday, April 24, 2009

More colors!

Living Room as is:
I really really am pumped about the living room. Here are three pictures from different angles. As much as I am not a huge fan of throwing massive flat screens above fireplaces, I think for now this will work for us and save some space we'd need to put up the tv stand. Also - it is wired behind the fireplace somehow, so we won't have those tangly things tramping around the living room!
In the top picture you can see the adorable shutter-doors that lead from this room into the front office. In the second and third pictures you can see the great cabinets that hold all the tv stuff as well as movies, etc. The same cabinet look is in the kitchen, as our food pantry, in the same dimensions! I am thinking we will have our furniture in the same layout, but would love to hear other suggestions! This room will probably be done in the same color as the kitchen... probably Paris Rain like the pictures from my previous post.
Bedroom #1 as is:
This looks like a queen bed to me... that is a bummer because our king, while I love it, will make this room seem smaller. But it will have to do! From this angle, we are looking at the backyard, and the master bath is to our left-back. Behind me to the right is the closet and built-in shelves that are also cabinets. This room color is a mystery for me!!! I picked out a color in Chapel Hill for our master bedroom that I really don't need to repeat... and so I must find something new! The colors we have are a grey-brown and a celedon and white, similar to bedroom #2. I could do a light blue hue, like emerald vapor (Nick Olsen's suggestion- actually a mix between blue and green and very light) or .... ?? They are taking these curtains as well, so I'll probably throw up some white ones I have until I get truly inspired!
Master Bath as is:
Let's be honest---yikes! Unless you are a New Yorker (Lindsay and Kathryn!), this is super duper tiny. It actually was our main hesitation with the house. While we know that the other bath is around the corner and fully accessible to us on an everyday basis, when we have people over this is cramped! Are the rules to keep small spaces light, AKA, keep this color?? Help again! One thing this bathroom has that makes it seem smaller is the ceiling-high shower curtain, which I have and love in my Chapel Hill guest bath. Should I take it down in favor of a shorter style so it doesn't seem like the bathroom wall is right there though?? Or maybe a darker color curtain to offset it from the lighter walls??
Guest Bath as is:
ooh it is adorable. I really wanted waist-high tiling = so I think that I need to make something of it and paint the wall above it a different color to accent it. The black detail in the tiling and floor will limit me... not necessarily in a bad way though! I may have to do something like what they did in terms of shower curtain and mats. Throwing a colored wall with all the black and white may seem weird though. Maybe I should get my basic grey fix with this room...
Backyard as is:
Ok so the picture is showing the winter's wrath. But trust me, this is the coolest backyard we saw on our whole day of searching (yeah, I know, a whole day...), and we definitely admit that we picked our house ultimately for the greatest pride in our lives, our little PD, Piper Dog!

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