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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Handfuls of Surprises!

Obviously - I love the spring. I have been walking with my friend Sara lately - and she was asking about the beautiful white trees that are (were) blooming all over Birmingham... I noticed the, um, quite pungent smell, and thought it might be a Bradford Pear tree but just wasn't sure! My aunt mistakenly cut down a branch of it from her tree in her yard and put it in a vase... just to have her houseguest ask if Reba, the dog, had gotten into some rotten trash! So I did some leaf analysis - and for my own clarification distinguished between the Bradford Pear and the same-bloom-time white Cherry Blossom!!! Sadly - I don't have either in my new yard.
Bradford Pear - stinky Cherry Blossom - think DC!
I also do not have the amazing redbud tree in the new yard - but we do in Boligee!!! Here are some branches left over from Easter weekend there that I transferred to some vases in mi casa!
Another hot tree for me is the Snowball tree - viburnum opulus I think -here is one from my old neighborhood in Chapel Hill!
Things I do have:
4 pretty dogwoods,
camellias, Japanese Magnolias and Japanese Maple (which I don't always love, but it works in our front yard)
and tons and tons of azaleas!
Also have crepe myrtles, hydrangeas, phlox, ligustrum, etc...
My Christmas present from Cover was this planter - I promptly killed the main topiary-type thing in it this winter, and finally have gotten its replacement, this Dwarf boxwood, some sweet potato vine, and some million bells. Perfect right below our little songbird nest!!


  1. I like that you refer to trees as 'hot'....xo

  2. Love your West Elm purchase!!


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