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Monday, July 12, 2010

Craft Den Treasures...

A few pieces found to maximize style with minimal price for the downstairs room!!!

Lantern - {thanks to Cover} - from Tuesday morning for $19!

Books - various antique stores for <$2 apiece!

Antique blue Bell mason jars - Hoover antiques - $16 apiece

Old ironwork piece found years ago in Pensacola - $5

Large gray wicker cylinder for storage (not for trash!) - $14

Fabulous chair with adorable metal legs - Bama Flea Mall in Leeds - $12

Best of all - Loveseat - from Goodwill - $99!!!


  1. OMG, fabulous finds! I hope you got them BOTH!!

  2. Ha~! I wish I had - but after the day's finds and my limited space in the trailblazer...plus chocolate gazor on the arms of the large couch, I decided to just go with the loveseat!


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