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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

arrival of the bookshelf!

A while ago I posted about this disturbingly empty space in our hallway.... just begging for some furniture!

Though I much much prefer to buy antiques, I could not find the right look for the nook... until I stumbled upon this shelf from Wisteria:

And, just the other day.... arrival!!

a little elbow grease to put this bad boy together and obviously more antiquing to perfect my new favorite nook in the house:

Do you like it as much as I do??


  1. It looks so purdy! I love how you arranged it!

  2. You are nothing less than a genius. I'm allll over your blog, every single post, it's fabulous, your decision process and choices are impressive. I'm going to have to have this etagere as well, so stunning in that nook, a brilliant purchase you won't regret over the years. Get your Aunt Anne to "explain" me to you, I've just come back in contact with her after a couple of decades, so I'm thrilled about that. If you have any memory of Anna Rogers, then maybe you'll think of me as part of a very-extended family. I don't see one of my favorite blogs in your margin, so if you don't mind, let me share it with you. This blogger will be excellent company as you wait out the tough rotation hours spent alone in the evenings. The host, Brooke, is another Gray Lady like you and I are. www.velvetandlinen.com


  3. So cute - Once you finish anesthesia residency, you should be a full time interior decorator!

  4. Flo - I'm so glad you love the shelf - I'm trying my hardest to continually upgrade my look!! I am glad we found each other, long lost family! Thanks for the info on Brooke, I love her look and will love to continue to follow her blog for inspiration.

    Cheers to another Gray Lady!

  5. Love the wall color- what is it?

  6. Paris Rain by Benjamin Moore, the whole fan is awesome and I have Texas sage also in the house. Thanks!

  7. Hey! Will you make me one of those bird sketches? I want one for my bookshelf!


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