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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We're IN!

Hello everyone! We are officially in the new casa! And thankfully - most of the little things we needed to do have been done! We have picked out a painter named CJ, much to the chagrin of some awful other guy who chastised me for not picking him when he quoted almost 100% more than the other two painters... However, that won't start for another few weeks so we are still with the same old colors! We are going to go with the tried-and-true Paris Rain and Texas Sage for the bulk of the house, and keep the three bedrooms in lighter shades except the 3rd bedroom, which will be Raccoon Hollow. BTW- Once we got here we realized our king bed wouldn't fit well in the 'master' bedroom, so we are using the blue room, previously referred to as bedroom #2, as our bedroom, and the old 'master' is now my room for my clothes and vanity, which I have always wanted! It is also the guest room when we have guests, so I guess I just pull out some clothes and makeup before they come over. Piper is loving her new yard and dog-door, and everything else is good (including the recent extermination of the bugs). I need to post a picture of the table Cover bought us as a house-warming present, which goes in our little kitchen! It is from Nadeau, which is this amazing store in Homewood (and I think there are others in the US), that sells furniture very very affordable that looks like antiques! My next project will probably be a HEADBOARD! I actually already have the fabric - for the 'bedroom #1' aka the previous master bedroom, our guest room, and my vanity-room. It is from Market St. Fabrics in Pensacola (I think that is the name). And I got this fabric about 1 year ago, so not only am I pumped to use it, but I am completely surprised that I bought enough at the time!

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Thankfully - we were able to rig the deck without major work done, and we added a beautiful doggie-door that Piper just loves running through!!

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