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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yay!! I've finally done it! I have created my first headboard. And I should say, to be honest, that I did not think that it was super easy (hmmm Cover and Holland....)! My thumbs are all sore from pushing together those dumb buttons and desperately trying to get the really long needle through the plywood and multiple layers of foam/batting! But, multiple trips to Hobby Lobby and Walmart later, I have successfully saved myself lots of mula as well as fixed a craving I have had for a while!
pre-headboard, with the fabric I picked out a long time ago!
you can barely see those darn buttons after all my hard work, and the second layer is hidden by the pillows!
This happens to be in the ONLY room in the house I didn't paint!! I loved the white brightness that this room has, especially since the front of our house tends to be on the darker side with the plantation shutters and the trees. I just love the pop of coral, and my next project will be to make some pillows to replace the gold ones in the picture! Here is the cute cubby in the corner, which I love because there is no real purpose (I stash purses in the cabinets below.)
My elephant is courtesy of Etsy, the shell is from Anne Donnell, my dad's first cousin, and the butterfly prints are my version of something I saw in an adorable Atlanta antique store. Here is my fine-view vanity! I would love to one day have this painting, of some coral goldfish on a celedon-blue background, from At Home in Homewood down the street from us!
Here are some other fabulous pictures for inspiration, courtesy of the blog pink wallpaper! And if you feel so inspired, try out this website, though I used Cover's help and a little pamphlet from JoAnn's fabric! http://www.bejane.com/headboard


  1. I love the new headboard !!!
    The fabric is perfect and really gave the room the Pop it needed---good job!!
    Can't wait to see the paint job.
    Love Ya'll, Mom

  2. I love the headboard as well!!!!! I know what you mean about the buttons... it is not fair that guys are so much stronger than us!

  3. omg i love love the headboard! i think the buttons look great. so they were worth the sore fingies! haha


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