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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bathroom help needed

Here is our master bath! You can't tell from this picture, but there is still NO shower curtain! For my b-day I was thinking about asking for one from mom... but I am still stuck on what to do - a white curtain? a linen off-white one? a neutral green one (from AtHome)? or should I go get a fabulous piece of fabric and get one made? Below is one from BB&B, a textured white/black that ends up looking ivory. Can I do Ivory/cream in a bathroom with such stark white?


  1. I think an off-white/ivory would be pretty in there and it would soften up the stark white!

  2. I say stick to the black and white theme and try something like this. Nick had one in his old apt and its very chic! Not sure if he ordered from Ballard Designs but he could suggest where to purchase it. This will really make it personal. Also Coco CHANEL loves black and white!!


  3. Forgot to mention the shower curtain is white with a black monogram in the middle and black trim!


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