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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Windows I Love!!

A little dream for a future home of ours. This window and the two pictures below it are from our hotel in Florence, Italy, at the Hotel Monna Lisa. They were just gorgeous and I hope to have them in a sun room one day.

With our friends Durham and Nazy, who we met up with in Florence and did a lot of shopping, drinking, and eating with! They are in NY now and he is also doing an orthopaedic residency. A very similar window I saw on a blog recently. And here is my favorite window in our house and the beautiful view into the backyard! Some more fun ones - not mine though!!

The door to our backyard. Not exactly a window I guess.

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Thankfully - we were able to rig the deck without major work done, and we added a beautiful doggie-door that Piper just loves running through!!

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