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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shower Curtain fabrics

Despite the idea of doing entirely black or white or cream - I decided to stop by some fabric stores on my way home from work. I am still entertaining the idea of getting shower curtain panels made for this bathroom (I think I just have this craving to do this). Though I am definitely still up to doing the curtains I found at BB&B, I am posting these prints which I love and I thought I could get feedback. I am trying to tie in the greyish color of the walls with these. While I was waiting for them to download (it is taking forever today), I decided that 3 of the 5 I picked out I don't think would look good in that room! So here are the two finalists:
#1: $15/yd from M's Fabric's downtown, matches walls (upper painted part) - the only solid I have, and it is silk I think - something like a non-shiny silk dupioni. Very Restoration Hardware. #2: $24/yd from King Cotton, it was the last sample so they had to cut it for me, can't see the whole pattern but it is good looking and subtle. The dark color in the print matches the above fabric swatch almost exactly - and both match the wall color. As I was looking through some pictures online - and mom found some for me - I came across this bathroom from "Rate my Space" - and it reminded me of a direction that black and white bathrooms can take, not really something I want for mine. This bathroom's B&W is a bit too stark, and though I like damask, this is a bit too much for me. It is very scary how similar this bathroom's layout and hardware is to ours!!!! This is one I do love! I will never have toile in my house, though, now that KD ruined it for me by making us wear it as homemade dresses and skirts for a Rush round one year!


  1. just a thought about the silk... i don't think silk can get wet. might be hard to keep it from getting wet if it's a shower curtain!?

  2. I love them both and I love the grey direction. Our black and white bathroom has grey walls and I think grey is a fantastic color. I like both fabrics, and I am really interested in the second one. For the small section I can see, it seems very luxurious.


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