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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rattan Headboards

Cover had the best idea for updating her bedroom- a light rattan headboard! We saw a fabulous one in Birmingham at Interior's at Pepper Place, and sadly, when I went back to snap a few pictures, it had been snagged! Above is a perfect example from a home in Key West featured in May's Traditional Home.
She is still on the hunt if anyone finds a great one...


  1. Darn, I'm sad your neighborhood design shop sold the one you really liked the best! But, for comparisons' sake, this mass marketer has worked up something pretty good in that it comes in a 4-pc full bed deal complete with headboard, footboard, and a pair of side rails for a great price. [It also comes in headboard-only, as well as in a downsized model.]

    Oddly nowadays, I tend to look at purchases with an underlying mantra of "How will it look painted gray down the line?"] LOL

    Enjoy the hunt! My personal preference [but I am in the minority] is to eliminate the dustruffle altogether because I feel a bed sits soooo big in the room that it tends to land in a visual thud but, once the anchor of a dustruffle has been eliminated, a certain airiness and elegance prevail. But that's just me and it took me years to get to this place.

    As I was saying, the Louis Bed [with variations] from Ballards: http://www.ballarddesigns.com/Furniture/Beds/Louis-Bed/p/1040

  2. oh my gosh I love it and know Cover will too!!!! How did I miss that as often as I browse through BD?? You have the best suggestions - please keep them coming!!!

  3. More thought on cane beds: on any bed featuring a caned head/foot board, check the construction closely where the caning joins the frame. Press and poke with your fingers all along the joint, examine for strong seams that can be repaired by a local caner should the seam "bust out," check for give because there are times when the wonderful art of propping up in bed with pillows is going to mean your full upper body weight will test that joint and seam.

    If you like to prop in bed more than a little bit, then that joint is going to be tested repeatedly. Also, check to see that the horizontal span of cane has vertical support at evenly spaced intervals. Vertical support isn't always pretty, but stability along that wide expanse of flexible caning is the best place to put your money when considering cane construction.

    I, too, adore a cane headboard and I too just HAD to have one a year or so ago. After huge deliberation, I ended up getting a double-cane-walled, triple horizontal partitioned [King] headboard. It's not what you're looking for, being darkdarkdark and reminiscent of the so-called British Colonial vernacular, or I'd share a link. It was a good purchase becaue of putting money behind the stability.

    And here's what else: in the August Southern Living magazine, there's a 30-day Ballard Design 15% off coupon stuck into the spine! So if that BD bed checks out, go pick up a coupon! F.


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