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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Empty Nook begging for new furniture!

I have been dying for something to put in this spot in our hallway.  Originally I had the chair (recently recovered) here, and then I bought an adorable wicker planter, but it was too short and proportionally off.  A little table would be cute, but as you can see in the foreground, I already have a little table in the hallway and I need something different!!

The diminsions are 42" wide and I could do something up to 14" deep without really blocking the door to the left.

I thought about a little chest, maybe a pine chest or one like to the right:
The problem has been that I cannot find a reasonably priced little shallow chest like this!

Then... I was wandering through Wisteria when I found this:

It is called French Shop Keeper's Shelves, and has dimensions: 35.25"w x 13.5"d x 68.5"h... perfect, right?  The best part is the price, only $399+$25 for shipping.  I am seriously considering splunking down the cash, what do you think???  I need to get some more books...

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