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Sunday, August 22, 2010

a little kick of inspiration

I've been in a decorating lull lately.  Not really a surprise... I tend to cycle in waves and since lately I've been working like most normal people do, I've not had as much time to devote to houseliness.

But nothing jumpstarts creativity for me more than going to find new fabric (that sounds sooooo nerdy).  But really...!  King Cotton and I had a rendezvous this Saturday and I amassed quite a collection of fabrics to potentially go in the craft den.  I want some for a skirt for my table, potentially some pillows and simple draw curtains too.

Reminder of the space:

{I've got to hide underneath this table!}


{for the skirt}

{for the colors}

{for the skirt}

{for the blinds/curtain style}

So - give me your votes!  I love them all and may pick two or three that compliment each other.  My biggest fear:  being too matchy-matchy....

I'll confess, I kindof already have a combo in mind, but want to see what you think!













I am also traveling around my house justifying purchasing a couple yards of each (or at least the second one).... who doesn't need more pillows?  I need to find some good DIY pillow sewing websites.

1 comment:

  1. They are all good looking !! I really like
    #2~#8~#5 for a solid !!


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