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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a table refinished... a first!

Done awhile ago, just now posting!  I needed a better side table for the guest room and wanted to experiment with refinishing and antiquing.  

Inspiration tables:

from Richard Tubbs

from Interiors and Antiques in Vestavia Hills
and below....

The find:

The process (compiled from several you-tube videos):

Sand down the table, paint with a base coat (I chose Ben Moore's Coastal Fog, 976)


Put a coat of lighter-colored paint on top after base is dry (Waverly Snow White and Cottage Linen), and wipe off in line with the woodgrain with a rag.  You will be removing lots of the paint, and can do this many times.

Water down your lighter paint and continue to use the above technique to apply depth and the illusion of woodmarkings to your surface.

Sand down the edges in a subtle way to make it look less "new".

The end result:

Did that make sense at all??  I'm not the best explainer.  Maybe you should just you-tube it like I did...


  1. The table looks great! Good job!!

  2. Standing ovation! And I love how you pulled a little bit of the duvet into the corner frame of your photo!

  3. You did a wonderful Job !!
    The color looks perfect!

  4. Way to go, Anne!! It looks great! Is the table in the room where I stay?? Can't wait to come visit!


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