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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Foyer Mirror Search

My good friend, Laura, who lives in Raleigh, recently bought her house-house with her new husband!  This is not a starter home, this is the real deal.  And, along with a real home comes some real space!  So, she has a void in the foyer (sorry so blurry!) that is begging for a mirror.  She has preferences for a gold mirror, but nothing crazy or boring....

So I have compiled a bunch of my favorites!!  A lot of these are from Duh, my favorite store in Pensacola, or Richard Tubbs here in Birmingham.  Some are from different other blogs (sorry for negligent credits, I have had these in my favorites file for so long), and a few are easy to buy straight from favorites like Ballard Designs, which has some great, affordable mirrors!


notice Kee!  I love this one!

Richard Tubbs

Ballard Designs

(love this one!)  Find it here

and finally, ideas from other fabulous homes!!!
as far as I'm concerned, the bigger the better - look hard to the right but this one could be IT: simple and the perfect statement!

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