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Monday, June 21, 2010

My new labor of love...

As you know, I live in an old house in Homewood, and
there is a very scary place under the stairs....

I have decided that, given my absolute love for going to Lowes, I am going to refinish this room!  It has such potential!  It is about 11' x 12', has walls, a ceiling, and floors (more than the rest of the basement)!  Many many challenges lie ahead, to include the huge square hole in the ceiling (can't see from this picture), the huge foil duct in the ceiling, and all the creepy little spider bodies on the floor.  A thorough sweeping was the first order of business...


Wanna know my vision?  I want a craft den!  A room that I can use to house my easel, my canvases, my ugly paintings that don't belong anywhere else in the house...  I can also use the table (on the right, made from an old door) for gift wrapping.  I am so excited... eventually with a rug, new light fixture, and sofa... and, freshly installed (by me!) beadboard on the side wall under the windows!


From PureStyleHome, her backyard playhouse!

A girly place just for me!

Love this!!

I am painting the walls (691) eggshell Seapearl from Ben Moore, and the trim is Decorator's White semigloss.  So here is a little preview of the work to date:


  1. wow... it has come a long way already! Cannot wait to see the finished project!!!!


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